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Hibernate History

Posted by thlandgraf on February 11, 2010 at 8:04 AM PST

Hibernate History

Kassel, February 2010 - The Micromata GmbH, expert for custom-fit business applications with its head office in Kassel, introduces a new module for conducting changelogs: Hibernate History records all database entries within an application and improves the transparency of the undertoken operations.

Hibernate History is an extension of the common Java framework Hibernate. It logs all modifications of database entries in a separate table and allows in this way a consistent backtracking.  

“Business applications are used by many people“ comments Thomas Landgraf, executive of the Micromata GmbH, on the daily situation in companies. “They may not share the same room or even the same location. But anyhow they share the same IT systems to work with. And as a matter of daily affairs they make entries and changes therein.“

To optimize the coordination of these processes in the future, Hibernate History writes a logbook of all entries in such a system and that way permits a better worklow between the members of a team. The benefit is remarkable, says Landgraf: “Transperency is the most important bid to ensure operational teamwork. In case it's missing, companies run a high risk of frictional loss during their day-to-day routine. Therefore the mapping of change pro-cesses within an application is most welcome to the people involved.“

As an Open-Source-Software Hibernate History is available at . As such it perfectly matches with the corporate policy of the inventor: The corporate policy of Micromata claims a free transfer of know-how rather than supporting proprietary technologies.

Business Details of Micromata GmbH

The Micromata GmbH produces custom fit business applications for major companies of the logisitic-, automotive-, medicalcare-, energy- and ressource industry since 1996. The client base includes DAX-listed corporations like K+S, Volkswagen, Wingas and Wintershall, E.ON, Deutsche Post DHL as well as B. Braun Melsungen. The Micromata GmbH occupies more than 70 employees and runs besides the headquaters in Kassel a second office in Bonn since 2008. 2010 the company has been awarded with the TOP JOB seal of quality for its excellent personnel work.



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What about envers?

I wonder how this compares to jboss embers. (

Hh is the Changelog of your entity

 Envers ist an entity versioning system. This is much more complex. What Hibernate History does, is ... lets call it a changelog for your entity. The purpose is not accessing an older version of the entity, the purpose is the proof of when was the entity changed and what changed. Thanks for your question, i'll add it to our FAQ ;-)