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NetBeans 4.0 is out and it rocks!

Posted by timboudreau on December 20, 2004 at 9:44 AM PST

Javapolis was clearly a great show to be at - I wish I'd had more time to see more of it, not to mention Antwerp in general. Also
I finally met Vincent Brabant, who's been active in the NetBeans community for years and made the French localization of NetBeans happen.

It's always nice to do a presentation where you have something to demo you know people will just love, and I had not one but three:

  • The JFluid Profiler - Imagine a profiler that you can tell to only profile one method - and it leaves the rest of your app alone! No going out for a cup of coffee while the app starts in a fully instrumented JVM, and no filtering out reams of metrics about all the stuff you didn't want to profile.
  • Ant-based projects - the kicker is when I take the downloaded sources for jEdit, and do New | Project with Existing Ant Script, and within two clicks I can press F11 and it compiles, and press F6 and it runs. No muss, no fuss.
  • Mobility - A really really easy to use solution for the "device fragmentation" problem (where you want to use platform specific classes to take advantages of something like Nokia's FullCanvas class that won't link on non-Nokia phones).
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