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And another new NetBeans plug-in...

Posted by timboudreau on September 20, 2005 at 1:44 AM PDT

A few people have mentioned that they would like to see better support for managing import statements in NetBeans.

Having the flu gave me plenty of time to code this, here is a module that does that.

There are some bells and whistles still to be added - like using wildcard imports if the number of imports from a single package exceeds some threshold number. But still, right now it should do what a lot of people have been asking for:

  • Sort imports
  • Break up groups of imports with newlines
  • Replace FQNs in source with simple class names and add imports for them
  • Replace wildcard import statements with explicit imports of all classes that are actually used

Probably eventually this functionality should be merged with Fix Imports in NetBeans, but I figured I could make some people happy by writing a small module that does that now.

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