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NetBeans in Budapest

Posted by timboudreau on October 20, 2005 at 5:56 AM PDT

(Yes, buried in here is a link to a new cool NetBeans tutorial...)


Budapest is lovely...

It was my first time in Budapest since backpacking through there in the summer of 1998, and I was back to do a presentation at a Java developer event - along with Martin "the mobility guy" Ryzl, and Petr Jiricka, Mr. Web Tools who drove down from Prague to talk.


Martin Ryzl demos Mobility in Budapest

Martin is an interesting guy - in 1999, we (NetBeans the tiny Czech company) had just been acquired by Sun, and he'd written this really cool plugin for KJava. We were in New York for the long defunct Java Business Expo conference - it was my first time back in the U.S. after moving to Prague. So, this KJava module was an amazing thing to demo - write some code, press F9 and it deploys to your Palm Pilot, and there's your code. There was just one hitch: He had written it on his own time, and we weren't supposed to be demoing it. So we had to demo it only when his management wasn't around so he wouldn't get in trouble.

Eventually it was clear nobody was going to stop Martin from writing mobile development tools on NetBeans (I'm not sure why anyone ever wanted to stop him), and so the Mobility pack was born. Today Martin manages the mobility development team (a sad loss to development, but he's a good guy to work with).


Austin Powers, ahem, Jirka Prazak (foreground, center) and Martin hijacked a table to do demos during lunch

Petr Jiricka did his talk about Web and J2EE support in NetBeans, including demoing the new Struts support in 5.0. It's pretty amazing stuff. Makes me almost want to do server-side development, which I haven't done in years (as long as I can do it as NetBeans plugins...hmm, now there's a neat tutorial idea...).


Petr Jiricka likes cake

Anyway, I said something about a new tutorial, and I'm spewing trivia. On Wednesday, post-plane-flight-from-California, I wrote a pretty cool app based on NetBeans to demo the next day at the event in Budapest. The coolest thing is that it really looks and feels like its own application - and it took an hour to write. It's a cute little paint program.

So having nothing to do on Friday but catch up on email, I spent the day turning it into a tutorial. The draft version is online here.
Reviews and feedback appreciated - I hope to write up several more in the next couple of months.

In that vein, I spent the 26 hour train ride from Budapest to Grenoble, France, turning the app from that tutorial into a slightly-insanely decoupled demo. So, coming soon: Photoshop in Netbeans. The painting window is a plugin. The tools palette is a plugin. The layers window is a plugin. The brushes are plugins. The color fills are plugins. All any of them know about each other is a single, small, shared API module. Be very scared...

Here in Grenoble, I'm working with Sun's Real Time Java team on tools for that. There are some truly fascinating problems in this space - difficult, challenging, fun to have. And a great bunch of extremely smart guys working on them.


Would you trust these guys with your JVM?

Grenoble is also, as always, lovely.


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