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The NetBeans golem...revealed!

Posted by timboudreau on March 31, 2006 at 10:45 AM PST

On one of the NetBeans lists, I mentioned that if you work in Sun's Prague office, and you do a CVS commit that breaks the build (the automated build server can't compile NetBeans from CVS or the tests fail), you get to have this ugly ceramic "golem" on your desk...possibly for weeks or months, until someone else breaks the build. Someone went so far as to file a bug demanding to see the golem. I agree, the golem should be shared with the world.

Jack Catchpoole, NetBeans webmaster, went so far as to abscond with the golem for a few moments in order to capture it on camera. So here it is - the fearsome NetBeans golem. Imagine it - one bad CVS commit and it will be there for all your neighbors to see your badge of shame, and it will be looking at you every time you look away from the screen...


One wonders if Jack intentionally broke the build to get himself some time with it all to himself :-)