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Almost mobile

Posted by timboudreau on September 4, 2007 at 1:01 AM PDT

Well, I got the NetBeans Mobile loaded, and picked up a slew of NetBeans t-shirts, books, usb drives and squishy balls (thanks, Julie Welch!). And got all of 3 miles :-) The trip site with pictures and gps info is live, though there are only a few photos there yet - but the trip has begun!

Unfortunately, I'm having some alternator trouble - and it's probably my own doing (baf! baf! ) - when I replaced the hot wire to the battery the other day, well the solenoid is above the transmission, in a tight spot where you pretty much do everything by feel. I suspect there is a wire I didn't reconnect :-( Driving by day you don't notice that all the electrical systems are running off the battery, and I'd assumed that the jump starting was simply the battery not having charged earlier. I knew I should have checked the current across the terminals with it running earlier!

Anyway, it's probably for the best, as I'm physically exhausted from two days of packing and loading heavy boxes. Was hoping to at least make it out of state tonight, and drive till about 3AM, but it might be just as well to start fresh in the morning.

But the hardware is all working - I'm still gaga about David's work on the reverse lookup stuff, which is why each picture has an actual address under it (the web service that provides the reverse geocoding gets called on a background thread, so brand new images don't have addresses for a few minutes; theoretically it's possible for an image to be shot just before the client software is shut down, in which case there may not be an address until the next upload, since the image-to-position mapping is based on time stamps).

The source code for all of this stuff is currently in the misc/ directory of Certainly not a good home for it long term, but it was someplace to put it so David and I could work collaboratively (thanks Geertjan and Petr for not objecting to my dumping strange stuff in our source tree...).

Anyway, it's all fun! I'll post some pictures of the interior of the vehicle - and hopefully some from the road for real - tomorrow.