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Nice review of Rich Client Programming; more updates

Posted by timboudreau on September 10, 2007 at 11:20 PM PDT

David Sills posted a very thorough review of our book, Rich Client Programming on JavaLobby. Thanks, David!

I'm in Rockford, Illinois, meeting up with my friend Charlie Hunt in the morning to visit and pick up my repaired MacBook, to demo on tomorrow night for the Madison Wisconsin Java Users Group, then on to Milwaukee to meet up with some developers there.

Chris Maki, of the Salt Lake City Java Users Group posted some pictures from our small meet-up. I also visited my friend Ben Galbraith in his new digs at his cool new startup, Feature50. What they're doing is top secret at the moment, but they've got big plans and quite an array of talent.

Had a bit of trouble with rain on the windshield and the webcam today. Since I'll have a bit of time off the road tomorrow, I'm going to try to mount something above the dash to let it see out the wiper area. Nonetheless, the latest pics from today are up. The route link is also neat. It's a little sparse, since the tool that trims it to manageable size for Google Maps has to leave out tons of points (it's now about 9MB of raw data - XML files with a reading of my position every second or so). But it amazes me that all this stuff works together!

Turned the camera around for one shot

My co-pilot. Chris Maki christened her "Betsy"

Installing Betsy

Thanks to Rob Demmer for coming up with this pithy slogan

Demoing in the Red Rock Brewery in Salt Lake City