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Nursing a baby whale with Jonathan Schwartz's tears

Posted by timboudreau on June 3, 2008 at 10:12 AM PDT

My colleague Judith Lilienfeld did the MC honors at this year's NetBeans Day in San Francisco. I'm amazed that this went by and did not get blogged about, so I'll have to do the ungainly honors...

The demo of the morning was using JasperReports iReport plug-in to create a report with pie charts based on a database, without writing any code. The Saturday before NetBeans Day, my colleague Brian Leonard sent out an urgent request for line-items for said database. I dutifully replied with my standard "turn up the bus noise on the brain and see what pops out" approach. What amazes me is that nobody sitting in the audience found it the least bit odd that one NetBeans evangelist's achievement of the month was "Nursed a baby whale on Jonathan Schwartz's tears" or "Fed the NetBeans Aardvark"...

So here I am tooting our own cleverness.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I would like to reply to an article here which borrows some continuation tooltip code I wrote for NetBeans back in '05, which is generally useful. However, whatever kind of CAPTCHA system that site is using demands that I "input" the text contained in an image, without actually supplying a place to put said information (tried it in both Safari and Firefox - it's not a browser bug). So, with apologies, here's my reply, and please fix your web site:

Happy to see you found my popup tricks useful. I agree, they ought to be built into JTree and JList and just automatic, though I'm sure that would present a backward compatibility problem of some sort for anybody who has already dealt with them on their own (popup wars, anyone?).

Combo boxen are their own special problem - Apple gets this fairly right by sizing the popup to the maximum preferred size of the contents; everybody else gets it semi-wrong by preferring the size of the control to the necessary size for the contents - it just ain't pretty. The only viable alternative is to write your own UI delegate and screw cross-platform appearance. I describe how to do something like that here.

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I found it amusing. IIRC, there was also something in that list -- not PG-rated -- about you doing some sort of product testing :-)

And something about evangelists dancing with the NetBeans cube. And Roman's snorkel. And Antarctica? And real-time toilets! Yes, we did notice. But your demo's actual content unfortunately distracted people from the jokes. ;-P

The input field for the captcha text is right between the button and the image ;)