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NetBeans and Its Ponderous Plugificators - coming to JavaOne - fun to be had

Posted by timboudreau on May 26, 2009 at 9:11 PM PDT

I'm going to JavaOne next week - doing a talk I'd love you to come to as part of Java University at 6PM this coming Monday (I mistakenly originally posted Sunday) night. I'm gathering a bunch of NetBeans core developers, dream team members who build apps on NetBeans and all and sundry to come demo the things they love about NetBeans and give the audience a chance to talk with the people who really make the tools they use. You'll meet a lot of the NetBeans developers and I promise some fun.

Yes, the title is "NetBeans and It's Powerful Plugins", and no, I had nothing to do with the title. My job is to make it something you'll enjoy so much that you'll be proud to have attended a talk with a name like that.

And the main thing is to open it up to the audience - what can we show you, what can you show us, what do you want to learn about, what do you wish we'd support more in NetBeans. Open source is collaboration between the users of a technology and the makers of a technology - and ideally the merging of the two. I hope you find you can come and be part of that.

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The way you ended the post with those 2 sentences, it was very well said :D Good luck..

Thanks for your help, I'll redirect/follow up as you suggested.

@steven_reynolds: First, thanks for the feedback. Second, there are better places to get more help, a response and maybe a guaranteed fix: This is the NetBeans users mailing list. I strongly suggest actually subscribing by sending a blank email to because it's easy to post to a forum but never seen the answer. Is the NetBeans bug tracker. It's what every NetBeans developer looks at over their first cup of coffee in the morning, and making their bug list smaller in a responsible and effective way is their job. If you want to *guarantee* something is in somebody's queue to either fix or provide a darned good reason why it shouldn't be, that's the place. Regarding your complaints: - I find these annoying too. They are updated on file save, not on edit. This is for performance reasons. It's tied in with compiling on save. Hopefully it can be worked out so that this can happen more on-the-fly; but if it meant that instead of erroneous error badges, the IDE would hang when you are typing, that would be trading one flavor of bug for another. I see no reason that what you want can't be accomplished other than time and effort on optimization, but I can't promise when it will happen. - For any refactoring that produces broken code (I recently filed some bugs with refactoring enum constants that produced bad code and they were fixed), please, please, file a bug with clear steps to reproduce and ideally a stripped down sample project with a class or two and instructions on how to do it. A developer is perfectly within their rights to say "I can't fix this" if they can't reproduce the problem. The test case is the key. If the code is in another module, is it a library wrapper module and you're refactoring the library? That genuinely isn't going to work, although it's worth filing a bug - when the source of the JAR can be found, it should be at least possible. - There has been a lot of work on project scanning in 6.7 - I recommend getting a daily build. There were some "endless scanning" bugs that have been fixed. Hope that helps, Tim

The link provided in the blog brings to a page where it shows _Monday_ at 6pm, not Sunday...

I hope this posting is not out of place, I would like to shout out to you-guys Sunday night, but I won't be there. I use NetBeans most of the time, I really enjoy it, and I like it a lot. I am very happy with all the work being done on it, and the new features. I mention these pain points not to criticize, but because I selfishly want NetBeans to keep improving. At my company,, we have a key software application built on the NetBeans platform. We *really* want NetBeans to keep improving. My pain points are two (I'm currently using 6.7 Beta on Linux with Java 6 u 12). First, the reporting of compile errors displayed as red badges on source files and in the Projects tree is sluggish and frequently out of synch with reality. Sometimes errors are displayed when there are none. This is particularly irksome when I do a clean build which reports success, but the red error badges are still all over the place. It seems to take a really long time for the error badges to be cleared. At other times, we do a refactoring that we know has broken tons of code, but no errors are displayed. This usually happens when we're doing module development, and the broken code is in another module. We have to kick it a bit, before the monster awakens to the fact that a lot of code isn't compiling. This error reporting is so out of synch that it is a serious usability issue IMHO. Our second pain point is that we see two performance issues. The compile/build runing through ant seems to take a long time when there is only a trivial compile to be done. It seems that the overhead of running the compiles through ant is quite large even when the compile task is small. Small compile tasks should be lightning fast. My other performance problem is when the "Scanning projects" task cranks up. This "background" task saturates my CUP at 95-99% for sometimes about 4-6 minutes. I have to just sigh, get up and go get a cup a coffee and wait for it to finish. It would help a lot if this background task could limit its CPU usage to no more than say about 50%. It would also be super keen if we could make its workload smaller or its algorithm more efficient.