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One Small Change for a Page, One Giant Leap for J2SE

Posted by tkosan on April 15, 2005 at 1:07 AM PDT

If you have not visited the page recently, I suggest you go there and take a look. Hmmmm, "Core Java"... yes, we all know about that. "Desktop Java"... yes, wonderful technology, many of us use it every day. "J2SE Embedded"... what!? J2SE Embedded? Where did that come from?

While much of the Java community has been busy battling in the J2EE/.NET wars, the Law of Accelerating Returns has been relentlessly pushing microelectronics into the microcosm. All of a sudden, J2SE 5.0-capable embedded systems about the size of a dollar bill are about to hit the market and I think this has the potential to cause a significant paradigm-shift in the overall Java community.

J2SE-based embedded systems are about to open a huge and lucrative "sensor to boardroom" market for pumping process data into J2EE systems. I think that enterprise developers who jump on this trend early, and start expanding their skill-set to accommodate it, should be well positioned to take full advantage of the opportunities it is going to generate.

How can early mover J2EE developers prepare themselves to take advantage of these new embedded-space opportunities, you ask? Luckily, the ability to facilitate inter-community communications is one of the many areas where our wonderful community really shines :-) Development efforts related to this new class of J2SE-based embedded system are currently occurring inside of the Embedded Java community and we would be more than happy to have J2EE developers drop by and discuss this further with us.

For anyone who is interested in learning more about the new J2SE-based embedded systems and the opportunities they will be making available, feel free to subscribe to the new embjava email list and start asking questions :-)

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