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The Power of JXTA Virtual Network Addressing!

Posted by tra on February 8, 2005 at 7:51 PM PST

JXTA vision is to abstract the Internet into a multitude
of user's defined virtual p2p network overlays allowing
Java applications to transparently roam from multiple
network locations or connectivities while still remaining
*virtually* connected.

The latest JXTA application proXimio from Fabrice
Dimeglio is demonstrating this new dimension in Java
network programming. Wherever your are moving
(behind NAT, firewall, or switching to a new network
connectivity) your JXTA applications will continue to
work. JXTA under the cover manages the dynamic mapping
from JXTA virtual addresses to physical IP addresses,
and will select the best transport link
available for your application.

Here is a sample chat exchange on Fabrice's proXimio
JXTA application:

alexissmirnov: 11:57:31 AM
so the test case i'm thinking of - 0. connect using wifi
1. connect network cable 2. turn off wifi 3. check to
see if proximio is still connected to the network
fdimeglio: 11:57:51 AM
fdimeglio: 11:57:52 AM
fdimeglio: 11:58:07 AM
but I am sorry I cannot test it currently
fdimeglio: 11:58:31 AM
because I dont have a network cable!
fdimeglio: 11:58:41 AM
full wifi in my home
fdimeglio: 11:59:20 AM
may I ask you some questions ?
alexissmirnov: 11:59:35 AM
not i got 2 network interfaces
alexissmirnov: 11:59:54 AM
disconnecting wifi
alexissmirnov: 12:00:05 PM
wifi disconnected
fdimeglio: 12:00:08 PM
are U doing the test ?
fdimeglio: 12:00:11 PM
alexissmirnov: 12:00:19 PM
fdimeglio: 12:00:28 PM
works ?
alexissmirnov: 12:00:28 PM
looks like it works :)
fdimeglio: 12:00:33 PM
very good!
fdimeglio: 12:00:38 PM
that's JXTA power

If you want to learn how to write such applications check the myJXTA and
Shell demo JXTA applications."As Java implies platform independence, and
XML implies language independence, JXTA
implies network independence."

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