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JXTA on the Move: Boeing selected JXTA for the U.S. Army Future Combat Systems

Posted by tra on May 3, 2005 at 6:48 PM PDT

While we keep hearing about the misuse of P2P technology for sharing copyright materials in the press, it is nice to point out that there is more to P2P, and P2P presents unique values and capabilities to build scalable, dynamic and highly reliable network infrastructures. The JXTA open-source community is continuing its growth and successes building the leading open-source P2P platform.

Today, Sun announced that Boeing selected the JXTA technology to provide the peer-to-peer (P2P) discovery service for the System of Systems Common Operating Environment (SOSCOE) for the U.S. Army's multi-billion dollar Future Combat Systems (FCS) initiative. JXTA unique P2P virtual network layer and decentralized discovery service is providing unique values to Boeing for deploying FCS within highly dynamic and distributed network environments.

Sun's Boeing JXTA announcement

This is great news for the P2P and JXTA community as this is bringing another legitimate usage of P2P. Really no excuses for not trying JXTA now :-)--
"As Java implies platform independence, and XML implies language independence, JXTA implies network independence."

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