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JXTA@JavaOne06 A Pretty Good Millesime!

Posted by tra on May 24, 2006 at 3:53 PM PDT

The JXTA community had another great presence at JavaOne. Here are some of the highlights.

The Ricoh/Genius Bytes P2P Office app won a Duke award for most innovative Java application. P2P Office uses JXTA to securely connect printers and enable users to send documents to each other from any Internet-connected printers.

The OpenJavaEE/Glassfish community announced Project Shoal. Project Shoal implements a secure and scalable framework for clustering app server instances using the JXTA Technology. Shreedhar's Blog includes a pointer to
Shreedar and Mohamed presentation
. It's a great example of open-source cross-pollination between the Glassfish and Jxta community to enable secure and dynamic appserver clustering in Glassfish.

Tim Bray had an interesting session about Sigrid :The Simplest Possible Grid Computing Platform. Sigrid implements a REST-like grid computing framework using JXTA to discover network compute resources.

Mike Duigou had a BOF session on "JXTA Security and Best Practices" that gave an overview of JXTA security features.

James Todd demoed a Netbeans Collaboration Plugin that uses JXTA to support ad hoc and dynamic developer collaborations. JXTA removes the need to deploy a IM/XMPP collaboration server to share files and projects in realtime.

A bunch of new JXTA programmers graduated from the JXTA HOL class.

I presented a Session on the use of JXTA to build highly-dynamic and scalable military battlefield networks that talked about the work that Boeing is doing with JXTA for the US Army FCS project. See my slides, and Masood's blog. As Simon Phipps mentioned, Boeing is contributing back platform enhancements to the community.

At the JXTA and booths, a couple of new JXTA Java apps were demoed SimpleCenter, Kerika and Verosee.

Finally, if you missed the JXTA Townhall community meeting we had a great celebration for JXTA and the cake was really good :-)

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