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My Apple Does Java

Posted by turbogeek on August 12, 2003 at 1:25 PM PDT

From MS to Apple: Don't hate me because my computer is beautiful.

I now own an Apple. Its a nice 17" PowerBook. I still own an XP P IV 2GHz laptop and a few desktop PC's, but the Apple is used for 99% of my work.

Why an Apple? Because it is as close to Linux as I can get without having to install it myself. Linux is cool, but I like something I can blame a real company for glitches. Imagine calling you PC manufacturer to complain that your application is not running.

Support: What version of Windows are you running?

Linux User: I'm running Red Hat, the latest drop.

Support: **click**

There is also the nice feeling you get when you unpack your computer and it boots. The last laptop that I tried to convert to Linux... It was not pleasant. Suffice it to say, the experience sucked and I spent more time looking for drivers than writing software. Not that I hate Linux, but I need to spend more time working than fiddling with my OS.

Apple's Java

So, does Apple work for the Java developer? I have not had any problems. I use Netbeans and even InstallAnywhere for the Mac. The JDK is 1.4.1 and is working great. The 1 GHz G4 CPU runs about as fast as my 2GHz HP laptop.

One of the coolest things about the Apple version of Java is its implementation of the Java shared archive (JSA). The JSA has optimized standard Java classes that would otherwise be loaded from classes.jar. The key is that these are loaded into shared memory thus saving a lot of memory and startup time for Java applications. See Java shared archive for more information.

There are a few other things that are cool about the Apple Java. You can add spell checking, speech synthesis, and even voice recognition. These features are a part of the native Apple OS, but you can detect the presence of the Java classes at runtime so you can still be cross platform (I'll be adding this to my chat software soon and publishing the code).

Just to be clear, I don't work for Apple (wouldn't mind an offer though). This has just been my opinion based on current experience./p>