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Things change, but remain the same

Posted by turbogeek on October 18, 2003 at 2:15 PM PDT

Time for me to switch jobs. This time it looks like it is for the long term. After years of consulting I am now a full-time employee of Texas Instruments. I am in the Education and Productivity Systems group in Dallas. My new job is to lead TI into the next generation of collaborative software (and any thing else I think is cool and will make TI a company you want to buy products from).

What's that mean? Basically I am working on ways to improve education through non-invasive technology. Since TI is also in the general productivity business, it also means I'll try to make all our lives a little easier. How? Well, I'm working on that right now. I'll let you know when I can.

But things remain the same. I am still active in JXTA and will in fact help the open source movement via my position at TI. Though they are not (yet) a source of open software, they are a user and a contributer to many projects.

My old job at Verizon was fun and I was sad to leave. At least I saw my software live on stage at JavaOne this year (Digital Compainion).

Speaking of my old job, I am still looking for my replacement. If you know JXTA and are looking for a job, email me ASAP!

Stay tuned. More educational blogs to come.

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