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JavaOne - Day Two - The Rise of Buzz

Posted by turbogeek on June 29, 2004 at 11:18 PM PDT

Today we got to see the sunny side of Scott McNealy at the keynote today. I have to admit that I like to hear that man talk. The key thing that he said that got my attention was that there were 14,000 developers at JavaOne. That is almost like before the crash! Almost everything but the requisite T-Shirt lofting at the end of the talk was just icing on the cake of the Java economy(the T-Shirt lofter self-destructed after 3 shots - but it did look real cool). Even making nice with Microsoft is less a happening than knowing that the developer community is thriving. If you can afford to go to JavaOne, there must be some money in the economy.

Tonight we also had our meeting of the minds for There were a lot of people there and the conversations were loud and hard to stop - even when we announced a few cool prizes. I heard lots of talk about opportunity knocking. There are a lot of new projects out there and a lot entrepreneurial work too. With a down economy the smart people are replacing the defunct companies. I heard of a lot of people making their way in small businesses with cool ideas. I was able to show off a few of mine too like 312 Inc's LeanOnMe P2P backup software, Quantum Chess (a P2P chess variant), and Venezia-Gondola (P2P ebay killer) all written in JXTA.

I also heard a lot of talk that Java technology is getting bigger and better. As an example, JXTA is now faster and easier. Tools and techniques are also improving. I also saw that Java is still bigger than you can absorb. There are a lot of API out there for all sorts of applications. Thank goodness we have Google or we would never find these great tools and products.

Today was also another day of meeting people. I must have met 30 people that know me, but only online. It is always a surprise to find that nobody looks like their smiley faces :o) I am amazed at how conversations always turned to business or succeeding with Java.

Education and Java started to become apparent today. I met several people form different universities. There were students and professors, all seeming to be working on very cool projects.

More to come. Tomorrow there is a JXTA session and a BOF. I'll be at the session and might make the BOF. I need to share my time with the NoMagic folks( makers of MagicDraw UML, a 100% Java UML modeler). If you are interested, I'll be teaching a short course in UML Wednesday night and will be signing copies of my JXTA book. Come by the NoMagic Booth and sign up, we have only limited seating.

Stay tuned! Two more days to go!

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