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Graduation Day in the Education and Learning Comunity

Posted by turbogeek on July 28, 2004 at 3:40 AM PDT

It's graduation time! The following projects have graduated from the incubator. Below are t descriptions of the projects: edu-research. cve

CVE visual sentence

CVE (Cooperative Visual Environment) is a software platform able to build new computational-user environments. Each environment is composed by software "agent": Excutors, Observers and Presenters. In CVE, Executors are responsible for managing computational resources and activities, while Observers are responsible for formatting views to be displayed by Presenters. Moreover, the observers are able to interpret the events generated by the user on the presentation elements and to consequently generate requests to the executors, or adjust presentation aspects, according to the meaning of the event. A notification mechanism ensures that state changes in the executor are reported to the registered observers to update their presentations. Actually, we defined environments able to manage visual sentence (graphic editor). In this context we have implemented independent software components to manage generic graphic relations, user interaction and Finite-State Machine (see Wippog project).

Projects tspell

Turkish NLP library

Tspell (Turkish)

Tspell projesi ile Turkce diline iliskin cesitli bilgi islem problemlerinin cozumlenmesi icin acik kodlu, platform bagimsiz bir kutuphane olusturulmasi amaci ile baslatilmistir. Turkce yapi itibari ile Ingilizce, Almanca gibi hint avrupa dillerinden cok farklidir. Ulamali bir dil olmasindan dolayi baska dillerde kolayca gerceklestirilebilecek bilgisayarla kelime dogruluk tespiti, hata-oneri sistemi gibi islemler Turkce icin son derece guc bir hale gelmistir. Tspell, java'nin sagladigi kutuphane, dil ve platform avantajlari ile bu tur zorluklarin ustesinden gelmeye calisacaktir.

Tspell (English)

Tspell project intends to provide library and applications for solving Turkish Natural Language Processing (NLP) related computational problems. Turkish, by nature has a very different morphological and gramatical structure than Indo-European languages such as English. Since it is an agglutinative language like Finnish even making a simple spell checker is very challenging. Adding semantic capabilities to an application seems even more overwhelming. By the power of Java, Tspell will try to overcome this challenges.