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New Projects in the Education and Learning Community

Posted by turbogeek on August 18, 2004 at 11:08 PM PDT

The projects just keep on coming in the Java Education & Learning community (JELC). Here is this week's crop.


Summary-Open source E-learning platform


Description- Didactor is based on didactic principles, rather than on technical or administrative principles (as most of the existing E-learning software is). The Mediator Group, the principal architect, aims for Didactor to become the industry standard.


Summary-Information about Java technology for developers.
Owner(s) -


The New to Java project directs new and experienced developers to information for learning the Java platform. This area helps developers get to the information they need to quickly learn about various Java technologies.


Summary-Quantum Chemistry in Java


Description - This a small attempt by me to illustrate how qunatum chemistry works (in lines with PyQuantee) ... Though I am not a quantum chemist nor a mathematician ;)


Summary - IMS Rference Implementations


Description - This project is a developer resource to support the implementation of the IMS interoperability specifications.


Summary - Hands on Labs for teaching Java technology

Owner(s) - sangshin, turbogeek

Description - This section of Education and Research is for projects that teach Java technology via hand's on laboratory experiments. A Hands-On lab is one where there is either a simple set of instructions and/or code that makes the building of first-time applications simple while conveying the technology and techniques.

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