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Graduation Day in the Education and Learning Community Sept 8th

Posted by turbogeek on September 8, 2004 at 11:08 AM PDT


Giant Picture Dictionary

Imagine a web site (or desktop application) where you can type virtually any word to instantly retrieve strikingly descriptive pictures and symbols for that word. Want to know where your fourth metacarpal bone is? VERY COOL PROJECT!


Project BioBox is a collection of projects for Biology research. The first project is Bio-ClusterGrid. Bio-ClusterGrid is the first of many deployment architectures that realizes the benefit of the BioBox initiative. Implemented using Sun's Web Start Flash technology (which populates the grid computers), the core components of the Bio-ClusterGrid comprise of Sun Grid Engine (SGE), the Grid Engine Portal (GEP).

With 28 of the most popular bioinformatics applications built into the Bio-ClusterGrid through the portal the system’s most important feature is saving researchers time. Biologists access the portal either through a browser in Sunray Thin Clients in the access tier or through any browser-enabled device. The Grid Engine software provides the resource management mechanism to schedule all the bioinformatics applications to run on the cluster of execution servers.

The project is also international with project members in Singapore and India. The project, though open source, has been run on university computers. The project has now moved to JELC to increase exposure, add new members, and to utilize the open source tools and community servers.


Indiana University Libraries Information Technology is developing a user interface for accessing digital library resources from within Sakai v1.0. Project “Twin Peaks” (separate mountains of library and course management) is a fully JSR168 (The Java community’s open Portlet Specification) compliant tool being developed as an experimental option within the new WYSIWYG authoring tool of Sakai.

Twin Peaks is taking advantage of the open standards of the Sakai. Sakai is used to build integrated systems for universities and schools of higher education. Sakai is an open source project with its own open standards and open source code base to serve as a foundation for their efforts to save on costs and promote its use, integration, and collaboration in the education community.

Twin Peaks is using JELC along with the Sakai project to increase their reach to other universities. Though Sakai is open, the membership is not and that limits the number of collaborators that Twin Peaks would like to attract. JELC provides a truly open and free community outside Sakai and allows the Twin Peak team to interact with other library science developers.


Networking Java Framework

The main statement about the RFWNet is to provide a source for Java and Software Engineer students initiation through professional Java development (i.e. not "Toy Programs") based upon Software Engineering techniques like GoF Design Patterns. This goal is aimed to achieve through the delivery of a dynamically extensible multithreaded server (following a Servlet-like extension model) for TCP/IP (socket) servers.


Java applets to simulate Physics phenomena

Some students have a hard time learning Physics because the subject is to abstract. Having simulation applets can help them to better understand Physics phenomena. Therefore, we want to develop Java applets to simulate some phenomena which are difficult to understand. People can also request us to develop some applets for them. The project can be extended into other fields such as chemistry, biology, geophysics, engineering, etc. Current simulations include: cellular, charge, pendulum, projectile, wave.

These are very cool and include code for a lot of different modes of graphical representation.


java open source info platform

Jactiongroup include two projects :

sharej will build a platform that share java projects for excellent tech or idea.The platform include open information management and correlative articles as web components which base on spring and hibernate.

spring is a translating project which plan to translate springframework reference into Chinese for the more developers within springframework.(We had completed spring-reference 1.0 version on spring chinese forum).Now we will revamp the project by docbook and version control.

please visit our site by for getting more information with the projects.


Edit and apply Alghorithms on Graphs like Dijkstra, Bellman Ford

This is a GraphTool helped me to understtand better Graphs Theory

This is a tool for Graphs Learning. It has an IDE where you can draw edit, move, delete, save, open, etc. graphs. It is easy to use and has a very intuitive interface...

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