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I want my 5.0 - A Mac user's lament

Posted by turbogeek on September 30, 2004 at 10:04 PM PDT

I am an Apple-based Java developer. I love my Apples (17 inch powerbook and a Dual G5) and the really love the way that Java performs. But where is Java 1.5 when you need it?

Versions of Java 5.0 are released for Linux, Solaris, and MS. When will Apple release 5.0? Not really sure, but the rumors are that the sometime next year when Apple releases their next release of OS X. That's a long wait for someone that needs to be building products with the latest and greatest.

One of the fastest growing customer segments for Apples are Java developers. You can see them all over the place - even at Sun. So, where is all the Apple love at Apple? If they want to sell more machines, why not get a preview out the door ASAP?

Is it resources? If it is, Apple needs to shift gears and get over the fact that Java is a growing developer segment. There are a lot of Java developers out there. We need to get together and let Apple know we need Java 5.0 now.

Can nothing be done to get Java 5.0 on my Apple? Let me know what to do or how I can help the cause!

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