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New Projects in the Education and Learning Community for September 8th

Posted by turbogeek on September 7, 2004 at 10:52 PM PDT


Software development for special needs students

Owner mcastronomy

This development plan is to allow user friendly tools for students with special needs, that will enhance cooperative agreement with NASA for educational purporses and Research, with Security Priority.


Frame for beginners

Owner avdyk

Simple Frame with a TextField (for input) and a TextArea (for output). The aim of this project is to provide an easy to use UI for beginners who does not know UI or does not want to use This projects also ease the learn of the MVC pattern


Project in support of the book "Extreme Software Engineering"

Owner dsteinberg (one of our own editors )

This project is a space where students, teachers, and professionals using "Extreme Software Engineering:A Hands-on Approach" can compare notes, exchange ideas, and create projects for use by others.


Giant Picture Dictionary

Owner wallyflint

Imagine a web site (or desktop application) where you can type virtually any word to instantly retrieve strikingly descriptive pictures and symbols for that word. Want to know where your fourth metacarpal bone is? VERY COOL PROJECT!


Management of Development of Systems

Owner chibly

Project of graduation for development control and maintenance of systems


Owner ravishankar233

Project is to link my computer lab at my college with a reliable intranet mailing system.this project of mine is performance dependent as i have about 300 systems at my lab.please help me i completing my project


Kontrol Process and everything else for webots

Owner pierre_capdepuy

Method for webots (WWW.WEBOTS.COM) motor kontrol image Processing graphical interfaces amer and localisation 2D spatial représentation evolution with genetics algo applied on neural networks


Owner exogate

This is with some help from experts is the place to come to learn how from start to finish to become marketable programmers in the Java language. For those who have studied every resource that has been available and yet cannot grasp the necessaries to cross the gap from unusable to usable.


A non-intrusive tool for the study of graph algorithms

Owners escordeiro, tays

Rin'G is an environment for the study and implementation of Graph Theory algorithms that allows users to view interactive, step-by-step animations of their executions.

Users can draw graphs on a graphical user interface, load and save graphs and animations and add their own algorithms to be executed. An english version of the user manual will soon be published on this site.

The environment is being developed in Java, for desktop platforms, and uses state-of-the-art technology, such as advanced Swing programming, Design Patterns, and the java.lang.reflect API. There is a stable release available in the Documents & files section, and source-code will also be available in the near future.

This tool is being developed as an undergraduate project at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and it will be open for collaboration as soon as this process is over.


Owner rdhyee

The Scholar's Box is a tool that enables users to gather resources from multiple digital repositories in order to create personal and themed collections and other reusable materials that can be shared with others for teaching and research. As such, it sits at the interstices of digital libraries, educational technology, personal information spaces, and social software. This project is aimed at building interfaces from Scholar's Box to important Java-based educational software.


School management (Eclipse rich client application)

Owner gounis School managements application. Manage: courses, classes, students, enrolments, payments, tasks etc .


Subproject for TechClass project

Owner jarley

This is the place where TechClass members will develop activities related with the main project. Its main target is to provide a shared area for post the artifacts of Universo projects. For more information about Universo projects, please access (portuguese only).

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