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New Projects in Java Education & Learning Community for September 29th

Posted by turbogeek on September 29, 2004 at 12:26 PM PDT

This week we are getting another wide range of new projects from supporting education to robotics. Check out the project descriptions below and join the ones that interest you.

CheckME - easy knowledge testing

Owner: ciukes

CheckME system for easy knowledge testing. Includes test preparation, test process and administration.'

edumis - Make a serious of java class for exam administration.

Owner: kiwhw

This is a student's project. Make a series of java classes for student and exam administration. This class can be used for establish the big education system.

jotazul - Learning POO in an Object Oriented Java IDE.

Owner: morgade

The project is just starting, but the first versions are released!
The JotAzul is an open source Object Oriented Java IDE created to help teachers and newbies in the POO World. It was inspired on the BlueJ IDE (not open source) and Blue System (dead project) language. It's called The Objects First approach. JotAzul is fully based on the Java reflection and its GUI uses the SWT (Simple Widget Toolkit).

pide - Portable Interface Display Environment

Owners: arasbilgen, fragile_x, kissaki, tutic, waaagh

Pide is a project that aims to make possible the portable interfaces that adapt to the capabilities of the display devices for unified web applications. Users will be able to use the same application that makes use of the same central data from a variety of devices, including big screens, laptops, desktops, PDAs, with various input methods, such as pen input and voice. The aim is to exploit the interface capabilities of the current display devices and contextually enhance the application usability by dynamically providing specific options that are not available on other devices.

JRobotics - JRobotics for robotics fans and researchers

Owner: leventb

This project tries to unite robotics fans and researchers who want to program their robots with Java. You can find more information about “java and robotics” at Feel free to contact about any topic using

There are four subprojects for jrobotics:

JRL (Java Robotics Library): This project has generic implementations of mostly used machine learning algorithms plus robot specific utility classses.

The machine learnig algorithms currently available are:

o Neural network (only bacpropagation with one hidden layer for now)

o Genetic algorithm (only binary-coded for now)

o Genetic programming

o Reinforcement learning (only q-learning for now)

o The utility classes for robots currently available are:

o SerCom protocol implementation to communicate with Khepera robots

JRS (Java Robotics Simulator): This project contains the things related to simulation of robots. It currently has a 3D simulator based on Java3D which simulates Khepera robot. A simulator which is more realistic based on odejava is being developed.
JRI (Java Robotics Interface): The aim of this project is to define the interfaces (e.g. Simulator, Robot, Obstacle...) between the simulator and the real world.

The library will also contain utility classes to communicate with other robotics softwares (e.g. simulators and libraries in other languages) easily. So, both JRL and JRS libraries will use this library extensively.

AntLejos: This is an Ant task for Lejos. It is based on lejos tools. Currently, installation of lejos is required to run this task.