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New Projects in the Global Education and Learning Community for October 11th

Posted by turbogeek on October 11, 2004 at 6:39 AM PDT

This week we are getting another wide range of new projects from converting the Hibernate documents into Portuguese to a project to help high school girls to learn Java. Check out the project descriptions below and join the ones that interest you.

girlsjavacafe - The Girls' Java Cafe is for high school females learning Java


The Girls' Java Cafe is a female-only community for high school students learning Java. Teachers and TAs are encouraged to help the Java students (not by directly answering Java questions, but by asking questions in return, or just in general being there when help is needed).

docclerk - Application with Tapestry, Spring, and Hibernate


The project is coordinated publish and edit document system and automatic version control.

The goal of the project is to guide developers in designing Web applications which uses various Open Source frameworks to build a scaleable, efficient and reliable Web application.

The deliverables are:

- Getting Started documentation.

- Detailed documentation on architecture.

- Sample applications including source code.

- Sample application documentation.

- Deployment documentation.

mtj - Matrix Toolkits for Java


The matrix toolkits and associated software libraries found here offer a very wide range of high-performance dtastructures and algorithms for scientific computing. Some of the problems which can be solved with this software includes

1) Solving systems of equations, either square systems or over/under-determined systems

- Direct solvers such as LU and Cholesky factorization can be used for small scale problems

- Iterative solvers and preconditions are available for large, sparse matrices

2) Performing spectral analysis of matrices by eigenvalue solvers and singular value decompositions. Both symmetric and non-symmetric eigenvalue problems are supported

3) Supports a comprehensive set of matrices. These include

- General dense and structured sparse (banded, triangular, tridiagonal, symmetric)

- Unstructured sparse matrices. These perform internal memory allocation, and are easy to use

- Distributed memory matrices, for high-end parallel computing

4) Parallel computing is supported on several levels:

- It is possible to use native BLAS which may support CPU vectorization and SMP machines

- Threads are used for parallel sparse matrix/vector products

- The distributed memory matrices offer the highest-performing parallelization by utilizing a custom message passing interface

5) And much, much more!

hibernate2ptbr - Translation of the Hibernate Reference Manual to PT_BR


Mission: achieve the translation of the reference manual.

Background: a group of interested people intend to finish the translation so they can consolidate their knowledge over the hibernate use.

Plans: keep an up2date translation so Brazilian people can learn the framework easily.