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New projects for Nov 22nd in Education and Learning Community at

Posted by turbogeek on November 26, 2004 at 11:34 PM PST

First, this is about as remote a blog as I have ever done. I am currently outside Johannesburg in South Africa. Sadly I am pre-paying for broadband by the hour and need to keep logging out of the internet connection. I am here to teach UML to business analysts. So far, South Africa looks a bit like North Texas. Not the out in the prairie Texas, but the urban city part of Texas, so not really a vacation. No exotic plants, elephants, or the odd leopard, just strip malls and chain restaurants. But it is Africa. Different languages and different thoughts on living in the world.

I'll try to get a blog about what I am doing and a few notes about the developers here later. For now, It's time to welcome new projects into the Global Education and Learning community. They need help and volunteers to get things going. Please email the owners and ask how you can help.


This project contains resources for learning how to use Tapestry's Java Web Components.

This is an outgrowth of the great positive feedback that I have received from some Tapestry examples that I originally posted on my blog. Hopefully others will join me in creating a great repository of resources for learning Tapestry.

Examples in this project will focus on learning how to use the Tapestry components rather then on how to build complete applications. All of the examples will be packaged as WAR files that can be deployed on Tomcat. We want to keep setup to a minimum so that you can start learning Tapestry itself, no need to install or configure a database, EJBs, etc. For those of you wishing to integrate Tapestry with Spring and Hibernate, check out the Tapestry Better Pet Shop project. To start things off: In the Documents & Files section of this project you will find examples for using Tapestry's contrib:Table (TapestryTables.war) and contrib:Tree (TapestryTrees.war).


Navis is a e-learning software developed with open source Java tools and frameworks.


This project creates detailed how-tos to help undergraduate students learn Linux system administration through hands-on exercises on Sun JDS.


Meeting oriented personal organizer , it manages a contact list , a calendar , a meeting scheduler , an attachment manager and a mail module