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GELC New Projects Nov 10th

Posted by turbogeek on December 8, 2004 at 12:23 PM PST

It's time to welcome new projects into the community. They need help and volunteers to get things going. Please email there owners and ask how you can help.

Here are the links and descriptions to the latest additions to the Global Education and Learning Community (GELC). Please look through the summaries (from their project page). If you find something interesting, join their projects and help out.

Code Fun

This is a place to share some of those funny and interesting code examples. If you have some of those examples yourself then you have likely forgoten some of them or would have liked a resource like this. If you are teaching a class or talking to a Javaâ„¢ group then please come visit and share.

What makes a good code example for codefun? It should be interesting or have and interesting story to go with it. The actual code should be good, bad, elegent, or funny. Where applicable compiler messages can be included.


Our mission is to extend the SVS (student administration system) of our school (HTL-Leonding, Austria)


This is an academic project for studying Java Refactoring in improving the software quality.


Java Starter Kit is a hands-on project for java newbies. it covers all java api's & technologies.


GeneticsJ is a metasuite to wrap around a multitude of applications already available under GPL, but also to provide extra functionality and seamless integration of these tools. The primary motivation is for the development of a population genetic analysis framework, but may also incorporate other fields in future.


A Library Managenent System implemented in the Java Technology. This software can be used in any college library purpose. The front end is designed in Java Swing. The front end is to some extent completed. The database is JDBC with Oracle. If anybody wants the raw code for the Swing part please email


Software for managing tha college based on different sections of the college 1 . library managemant online.. 2. deparmantal information of a student 3. account section clearance online through credit card systems. 4. DB of students information
. Also managing the students information like 1. Library managemant 2. Accounts and credits 3. Departmental dues based on absence 4 . Creating mail server for college intracommunications 5. students information according to the Scholar no in the college.


Runing is a webLog based on Hibernate and Tapestry and Hivemind etc.


JStateSim is a framework project for the execution of Discrete Event Simulations.

This project was developed from scratch by me to address a specific problem: the simulation of a very simple micro-controller (PIC) algorithm. Nevertheless, Discrete Event Simulations can be used in a huge variety of application fields (electronics, economics, production processes, biology...).

The project has mainly an educational purpose, in particular that of clarifying the nature and the practice of Discrete Event Simulation, possibly lending itself as a productive evaluation tool for more and more complex cooperative processes.

I'm not going into Discrete Event Simulation theory: there are many sources of valuable information in the net (just an example here). For those interested, the approach used in JStateSim is the "next event", where event generation is invoked after each finalized 0-time transformation, feeding a time referenced event queue.

The project is now at version 0.7 , providing the following stable features:

• Basic simulation core functionality

• XML based simulated system definition

• Basic event generation processes (uniform, exponential, pulse)

• Basic event transformations (Fixed time service, random dispatcher, counter)