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JStateSim - Open Source Discrete Event Simulations project reaches version.7

Posted by turbogeek on January 18, 2005 at 9:47 AM PST

JStateSim -

JStateSim is a framework project for the execution of Discrete Event Simulations. The project is hosted in the Global Education and Learning Community (GELC) of This project has been graduated from the GELC project incubator and is now part of the Learning Resources project area.

About JStateSim

JStateSim was developed from scratch by to address a specific problem: the simulation of a very simple micro-controller (PIC) algorithm. Discrete Event Simulations can be used in a huge variety of application fields (electronics, economics, production processes, biology...).

The project is designed mainly for educational purposes. Its primary purpose is for clarifying the nature and the practice of Discrete Event Simulation, possibly lending itself as a productive evaluation tool for more and more complex cooperative processes.

For information on Discrete Event Simulation theory, see the explanation here. The approach used in JStateSim is the "next event", where event generation is invoked after each finalized 0-time transformation, feeding a time referenced event queue.

The project is now at version 0.7 , providing the following stable features:

• Basic simulation core functionality

• XML based simulated system definition

• Basic event generation processes (uniform, exponential, pulse)

• Basic event transformations (Fixed time service, random dispatcher, counter)

If you are interested, please join the project and help it reach its next version. Contact for more information.

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