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New Projects at GELC for January, 10 2005

Posted by turbogeek on January 10, 2005 at 12:53 AM PST

The Global Education and Learning Community welcomes its first projects of 2005. This month we have an automata tester (from a Chinese developer), an eLearning platform based on SCORM, a MIDP RSS client, a virtual console for teaching Java to teenage students (from Mexico), a federated exchange of digital content and rights management, and a set of tools for teaching Algebra in High Schools with a graphical symbolic tool.

It is quite interesting that several of these tools already have code and working versions (or soon will have) because they were created elsewhere and have hosted their code at

Take a look at these great new projects and join them if you can help them out.

Summary: AutoMata Platform is a auto machine tool for test your automata

AutoMata is a very important course in computer scince subject. AutoMata Platform is a auto machine tool for test your automata arithmetic implementations.It provides state map view ,state trees,and a powerful extendable achitecture. The users (mainly students and teachers)can use this toolfor demostration and argumentation the auto machines. they can also implement their own automachine or layout arithmetics to enhance this platform to fill thier requests. Chinese Version: 《形式语言与自动机》是一门很重要的计算机专业课程。本项目——自动机平台,起源于北京航空航天大学计算机学院《形式语言与自动机》课程。 现阶段,平台提供了自动机中的正则表达式识别、正则表达式转NFANFA转换到DFA以及DFA化简,并使用图形化的状态图来帮助使用者进行跟踪学习。同时平台提供了强大的可扩展性,使用者可以使用java语言实现自己的自动机,并利用本平台提供的图形化状态图来进行测试和研究;也可以实现自己的布局算法,来扩展有关自动机状态图的布局等。

Summary: elearning java platform

eLearning Java Platform based on ADL's (Advanced Distributed Language) SCORM standard. Develop and Build a Portal with Java2 + XML language under rules specified by SCORM XML Controlling Document Specification, IMS Learning Resource Meta-data Specification and Sharable Content Object Reference Model Specification.

Summary: IENJINIA Virtual Console for teaching Java to teenage students. You can see the official IENJINIA homepage at

It was relatively easy for a teenager to fully understand all the hardware and software in computers such as the Apple II and Commodore 64. Now it has become quite hard to understand how everything works, even in a "simple" PC. The IENJINIA Virtual Console and Devkit emulate hardware similar to an early 80's video games console to provide a better environment for learning how to write software. Note that this project is a product of developers in Mexico.

Summary: Graphical Symbolic Algebra tools for High School

JATSE is a set of tools for teaching, learning and playing with algebra. They will provide a broad range of symbolic algebra functionality including a GUI to manipulate algebraic functions, components to render functions in a mathematical format, and classes that can "intepret" and describe arbitrary functions.

This project is targeted at the mathematics used in high school, although these classes can be extended to cover either more or less advanced math.

This project currently consists of prototypes(Please see the Algebra prototype in the "Documents & files" Section) including:

• A set of classes that to represent algebra expressions in an expression tree.

• A set of GUI classes to manipulate algebraic functions. The GUI is designed to support ideas held

by reform educators.

• An engine to manipulate and render rational linear equations with two variables ("x" and "y").

• A rudimentary parser that turns an ASCII string into expression tree.

Much of this work is part of my employment with The Concord Consortium. They have graciously agreed to let me release this work as Open Source. I am spending a good deal of extra time extending this work.

Summary: mitmuml is an MIDP RSS client

mitmuml is an MIDP RSS client.It is nearly 90 % about document for user.

mitmuml is an MIDP RSS client.The User can read headlines from a number of news sites and have the link emailed to him via mobile client.Major,it will read information about medical history of patient in format RSS. RSS is a widely used XML format for news to feed their headline contents to aggregators.It is readable by users and can be parsed by XML parser.

Summary: Federated Brokerage Model for Digital Content

A Java-based brokerage system for the federated exchange of digital content and rights management.

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