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New Projects in the GELC

Posted by turbogeek on March 14, 2005 at 1:31 AM PST

Four new projects in the GELC to challenge your thinking. This week we have some high performance computing, a computer algebra system, a resource for Brazilians, and a venture into the hospitality arena to create a room rental system. Take a look at the projects, listed below, and join them if you are interested. If they get you thinking about something different, please propose your own project for the GELC. We are looking for education and research projects plus projects to be used by teachers and students to learn almost any subject.



The project is aimed at developing a library and framework for implementing Distributed Threads in Java. Lionra Threads, is the implementation part of a research project being conducted as part of a class at Wake Technical Community College's program in High Performance Computing. There is a little bit of code written, but it's barely more (right now) than some example code from a basic book on RMI, and an Ant build script. There is also a blog where Phillip Rhodes the talks about this project quite a bit (along with a lot of other cruft, of course), and a website with some links to related material. To learn more about this project, there is an abstract from the first draft of the research paper that goes along with the project.



CAS computer algebra system - prototype of a Hartmath-based ( computer algebra system



A java web source for Brazilians programmers.



The purpose of this project is to study Java technologies and develop a project with room rental service for companies.

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