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New projects in the Global Education and Learning Community for April 5th, 2005

Posted by turbogeek on April 5, 2005 at 10:00 AM PDT

We have another crop of new projects. This week we have learning with orangutans, a study group using Java, the implementation of a belief-system algorithm, and a system for managing a volunteer organization. Take a look at these great projects and lend a hand to help them start.


A game for learning using


A game for learning by helping orangutan survive in the Bornean forest.

An interactive game for children 3-12 years old. they can learn how Bornean orangutan can survive in the natural Bornean forest.


Projects, articles and sample code produced by a Brazilian study group


FUJA (FACENSA Usuários de Java) is a Java study group that works inside FACENSA ( College. These students get together and produce Java code, articles and proofs of concept in many Java Technologies, like WebServices (Axis), Mobility (J2ME), Enterprise Apps (EJB), Web Standards (Struts, JavaServerFaces, Servlets, JSTL, JSP), IDEs (Eclipse, NetBeans), Persistence (Hibernate, Torque, POJOs), XML and other technologies.

Dempster-Schaffer - Dempster-Schaffer algorithm - Measuring belief and plausibility to make a decision based on multiple inputs.


Development of the Dempster-Schaffer algorithm in Java. To learn more, see: which has information about this algorithm. Here is what that web site has to say about the algorithm: “Dempster-Shaffer theory allows us to allocate probability-like weights to a set of events in a way that allows statements of ignorance about likelihood of some of the events. From the allocation of weights we get two numbers; the degree to which an event is supported by the evidence (Belief), and the degree to which there is a lack of evidence to the contrary (Plausibility). These two numbers are the basis on which any belief-based decision is made.”


A system for managing people and resources for volunteer Organizations.


This is a system that will Enterprise Java Beans used to manage donors and sponsor in Volunteer organizations. The system will be able to track down the donors, sort them into groups, generates their history, produce donor certificates. The system will also map volunteers with their favorite chores. The system will have a simple management display to help in decision-making.

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