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JavaOne Community Corner

Posted by turbogeek on May 13, 2005 at 4:37 PM PDT

Have you ever wished there was real focus on open source at JavaOne? Well, we have heard the call and are putting open source on stage all week long at JavaOne. Every day in the JavaOne Pavilion we are running mini talks on projects in the community. The talks will be about 20 minutes long and run throughout the day. We will have a plasma display and seating for the audience in what is called the Java.Net Community Corner.

Community Corner is our way of helping everyone at JavaOne learn about and many of the great people and projects hosted there. As a leader in the Global Education and Learning Community I'll be there to talk about my part as well as a little with the JXTA community where I am a board member.

My guess is that we will have a lot to see all week long. We also have the advantage that we are in the Pavilion rather than the more formal sessions which means it will be easy to interact with anyone interesting hanging out at the Community Corner.

Now to the subjects. The talks are open to project owners of That means if you or your buddies run a project on or move a project to real soon, you can probably get to talk about it. All you need to do is pick a time and propose it in the Community Corner wiki (I'll post it for you if you are unfamiliar with the wiki). The process is that the community that your project is hosted in will approve your project and you are all set to go.

Scattered through the day, the community leaders of will be giving talks too. This is so that you can see what is going on in our many specialties. We will also include info on how to create your own open source projects and how do it successfully.

In addition to the talks that you can both give yourself or just listen too, this will be the best place to talk to your community leaders and management.

Since we are a community here at, the most important things are sharing working together. At JavaOne this year, we'll be doing it all week long!

Sign your project up now for the community corner at JavaOne. Session times are limited!