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New Projects in the GELC for May 16th, 2005

Posted by turbogeek on May 16, 2005 at 7:38 PM PDT

We have four new projects are in the Global Education and Learning Community (GELC). This week we have a project about optimization, a mind map for Java concepts, an open source factory modeler, and an IDE for the creation and study of Evolutionary Algorithms.

  • Evolution-Opt - A Framework to resolve combinatorial optimization problems
  • javamindmapped - Java Concepts Mind Mapped
  • OK - Open Knowledge, an Open Source Software Factory Model
  • unEvo - IDE for Evolutionary Algorithms

Here are the initial details and owner addresses for each of the projects.

Evolution-Opt A Framework to resolve combinatorial optimization problems


This project implements algorithms such as: Genetic Algorithm, Evolutionary Algorithm to any kind of combinatorial problem, using the design pattern Template Method. The idea is to build a complete framework to the algorithms, following the new trends of literature.

javamindmapped Java Concepts Mind Mapped


This is all I have on this site at the moment. However, Mind Mapping is well understood. In this case it may serve as a cool way for traversing Java concepts and API or simply as a learning aid.

OK Open Knowledge, an Open Source Software Factory Model


To a software factory work it is necessary a set of procedures and standards. It is not possible to manage a facoty without rules, methodology, methods, tools and planning. So our first initiative is the O.K Process project. It defines how projects in our factory will be managed and developed. The whole set of documents that define this process can be viewed through the Documents & files tool. Other way to view the documents and all related tasks is through the Process Workflow.

unEvo IDE for Evolutionary Algorithms


The aim of the project is to provide an Integrated Development Environment that support the research and experimentation process on Evolutionary Algorithms, this IDE will be written in Java as an Eclipse plug-in taking advantage of the eclipse plug-in architecture so that will be easily extensible.

The graphic interface will use swt, and will be platform independent due to the facilities provided by eclipse. The ide will provide to the user with a tool that helps in the process of implementation of Evolutionary Algorithms without lost time in the code, and will integrate the differents approaches of Evolutionary Computation (Genetic Algorithms, Evolutionary Estrategies, Genetic Programming and Evolutionary Programming) into one generic framework that facilitates the implementation of any of the approaches.

The ide will be built upon currently available software libraries, taking advantage of the implementations yet made. All of the algorithm's components will be saved as XML files so that they can be exported betwen platforms.

If you are interested in them, email the owners about what you know and ask how you can help.