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Want to have your brain explode? Meet Me at JavaOne

Posted by turbogeek on May 31, 2005 at 11:33 PM PDT

Meeting people is always interesting (frightening sometimes, but interesting). Meeting people that you know from the internet is very interesting. I can not remember meeting one person that seemed like they did on the internet. The real-time experience enhances what you know and it is usually a little disorienting (ok, you will not really explode). But then there is a whole other class of meeting people: Meeting someone that wants to meet "you". I am one of those kind of people that wants to meet as many quality people as I can at JavaOne.

Why? First, the more people you know, the more you know about the world. Knowledge is how the world works. Most of you I have no idea that you exist or what you do. Are you doing something interesting I could use in my job? Are you doing something cool I could write about? Will you make me think, or just laugh out-loud? You never know, so you meet as many people as you can. If we are in line, I am going to talk to you. If I am at the Community Corner booth at JavaOne I am going to do my damnedest to strike up a conversation if you are walking by. I'll also be at the community leaders weekend and Java Technology Communities in Action, and the JXTA Town Hall, plus many other events.

Look for me and introduce yourself. Give me your business card and let me know what you do and what your passions are. Maybe I know someone you should know (perhaps it's me). Maybe we have something in common. You never know.

It is said that if there are no lucky people, only people open to opportunity. If you find a twenty dollar bill on the ground, it is not that you and the twenty are in the right place, but that you were open enough to see that bill on the ground when others have blissfully walked by. People are the same way. You never know if the next person is going to make your day, year, or life better. The best solution is to say hello.

What am I interested in? Writing (blogs and books), Java, JXTA,, and of course the Global Education and Learning Community (GELC) which means all things educational or experimental. I also juggle so I am looking for few fellow tossers too. There is much more and I'll be sure to be interested in hearing from you. Look me up at JavaOne!

Daniel Brookshier Global Education and Learning Community

Say hello and keep your head!

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