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Open Source Events at JavaOne & close to 150,000 members & GELC Celebrates new projects

Posted by turbogeek on June 23, 2005 at 8:03 AM PDT

Before I talk about the new projects in the Global Education and Learning Community(GELC) , let me talk abut JavaOne,, and FREE (as in some events include free beer) Open Source community events.

Java.Net Community Close to 150,000 Members

Could you or one of your friends be number 150,000+1 of The community is almost 150,000 members strong and we are all volunteering our time to sign up new members so we can go over the top during the week of JavaOne (we want Scott McNealy to say our name during the keynote). No prizes, just the pleasure of belonging to a group dedicated to the success of Java through open source and community.

Sign up now if you have not already. Get your co-workers to sign up too. If you run a Java User Group, send an email to your members to sign up. is a great place and it can only be better with more smart people like you and your friends. Sign up Now. Steve Jobs gave out iPods, we give away free help, free code, free applications, and perhaps a few free physical trinkets. Sign up and think FREE.

We are also approaching 2,300 open source projects. The GELC has 291 of these projects and we are looking for more projects that can help science and education. This month we are focusing on projects to help teach math, science, and Java. Anything in education or the sciences is fair game. If you want to start up a project, start here for education or here for one of our many other communities. Can we get to 2,500 projects? Only the submissions of your great idea can get us over the top.

Open Source Events at JavaOne and Free as in, FREE BEER

The Java Open Source community has a lot of events that I will be attending and speaking at. The Open Source community will have several events at JavaOne. Info can be found at

Here are the things I'll be doing:

o I will be doing JXTA demos at the JXTA Town Hall Meeting on Sunday - FREE

o I will be doing several talks during the community leaders weekend both Saturday and Sunday. These will be on running open source projects at (FREE, no beer, but you need to RSVP per info in the wiki)

o At the Java Technology Communiteis in Action Event on Tuesday, I will be there reping JXTA and Education communities. This one is FREE, and free beer.

o I will also be doing a couple of talks in the Community Corner Theater in the JavaOne Pavilion, including a JXTA presentation (Not Free, no beer, but Pavilion passes are cheaper than a full pass)

New GELC Projects

Now to the new projects.

Collocation-Dictionary - A collocation dictionary built by English language students.?owner:

This is a cool project for facilitating teaching. This is the kind of projects that gets us excited in the Education community. It mixes a service with students, teachers, and an interesting idea.

This is a collocation dictionary built by English language students around the world. Teachers can register the students in their classes and assign each student a number of headwords in the collocation dictionary. Teachers can require a specific number of entries each week or grading period. It is searchable, and new collocations can be added to existing headwords.

Uyaklar - Turkish Rhymes Generator


Turkish is getting popular in the GELC. Uyaklar project covers Turkish rhymes. Simply you specify a word in Turkish, and get the list of Turkish rhymes as word roots, and suffices.

Could this mean an explosion of pop music or a poetry renaissance in Turkey? Maybe, but it will definitely add to the number of Java applications that support the Turkish language. look in the extended part of this blog for the Turkish version of the project description.

ISIProject2005 - Simple web application using different technologies.


This one is a surprise. We don't know the subject, but we do know the tools. This project will create a web application using: jsp, servlet, jdbc, corba, web services and others.

Mobile - Mobile aid application for the elderly


Here we have an application in the J2ME space. The application will aid the elderly in their outdoor suburban dynamic environment. More details soon.


The subject of the Uyaklar project covers Turkish rhymes. Simply you give a word, and get the list of the rhymes as word roots, and suffices separately.

look in the extended part of this blog for the Turkish version of the project description.

Uyaklar ana sayfas?na ho
? geldiniz!

Merhaba, Uyaklar projesinin ana konusu, T

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