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Project Spotlight SchoolClipse

Posted by turbogeek on June 10, 2005 at 8:47 AM PDT


Project Name: schoolclipse

Summary: School management (Eclipse rich client application)

Owner Name: Stavros S. Kounis

City: Thessaloniki

Country: Greece

Tell us a little about yourself.

I'm close to finishing Civil Engineering Dept. of Xanhti's University (Greece). I'm working as Programmer for a Civil Engineering related software company (Civiltech) and I'm a cofounder of my small company that provides internet solutions (hosting, web-design, web applications, web-apps). Schoolclipse is our first attempt to go in desktop applications market and a "playground" to investigate Eclipse for Rich Client Platform (RCP) applications.

In my free time I like to hear music, read books and search over the internet for new technologies in programming area.

Tell us a little about the project and why you started it.

This project is started as a request to give a managements solution to a friend who is the owner of a private school. During the same period I just started work with Eclipse RCP and shared my enthusiasm with one of my colleagues. So we have decide to start this project to work on eclipse RCP (giving my friend a school management solution at the same time) and determine if this platform can give us the things we need to go to the desktop application market.

What is the project's current status and plans for the future?

A working instance is currently installed in my friends private school but we will be able to release a beta version in couple of months.

Generally the project is experimental and the area we need to develop and test is Eclipse RCP.

If you want to be informed about project's progress "stay in contact" with my blog at

What kind of help are you looking for on this project?

It will be great if we get some help in CVS management and organizing. Another issue is more architectural. We would like to discuss the ideas more experienced people, especially the architectural design of database management application.

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Hi I am RCP Developer i am looking forward to work on ...


I am RCP Developer i am looking forward to work on this project.

Please let me know how can i help.

reach me @

Thanks and Regards