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Android Talk by Dick Wall in Silicon Valley on February 6th

Posted by van_riper on January 17, 2008 at 7:28 PM PST

There is a new user group in Silicon Valley and it is not a JUG. It is a GTUG (Google Technology User Group). The Silicon Valley GTUG meets on the first Wednesday of the month at the GooglePlex in Mountain View, California. The topic of the February meeting is the Android Platform with Dick Wall, Java Champion and Google Developer Advocate, as the main speaker. Android code doesn't run on the JVM. So, why am I posting this on I think Ed Burnette gets it right in this ZDNet blog post when he says:

“The Open Handset Alliance doesn’t call Android “Java”, but programmers like myself, who don’t care so much for legal hair-splitting, do. I also call facial tissues regardless of who made them “Kleenex”, and I tell people to “Google” things on the internet. So sue me. Um, not really, that’s a joke.”

If you want to get beyond the Android FUD, I recommend reading all the Android articles on Ed's ZDNet blog. If you haven't seen it already, Stefano Mazzocchi’s article on how Dalvik skirts around the Java ME licensing restrictions is also worth a quick read.

In my mind, Android development is Java Development for all practical purposes. So, it makes perfect sense to have a Java Champion and a member of the Java Posse giving this talk. At this point, I should disclose that in addition to leading the Silicon Valley Web Developer JUG, I am also one of the leaders of the recently formed Silicon Valley GTUG. Many of our GTUG meetings will have a major Java component like this upcoming Android talk on February 6th does.

Dick Wall will give an introductory Android Platform talk during the first half of the meeting. In the second half of the meeting, Dick will answer technical questions raised within the Android Platform breakout session. If you plan to attend the Android technical breakout session, it is recommended that you download and spend some time with the Android SDK prior to the meeting. There will be other technical breakout sessions on OpenSocial, Google Web Toolkit, Google Maps/Earth, etc... based upon attendee interest during the second half of this meeting.

Although this is a free event, we will be limiting attendance to the first 200 people to register in advance online.

That's All Folks!

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