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JavaOne Day One - Personal Highlights

Posted by van_riper on May 7, 2008 at 8:44 AM PDT

Seeing JavaFX applications running on Android. Attending the JavaFX overview session by Christopher Oliver. Seeing Neil Young talk about the project to make his vast archive of musical work available using Java and Blue Ray technologies. He had been waiting since the 80's for the right combination of hardware and software technology to do this.

Technically, the three most interesting things for me on Tuesday were:

  • JavaFX has come a long way since the initial splash at last year's conference. I will have to give it a serious look now.
  • GlassFish V3 Kernel with a lightweight web profile looks interesting. I would sure like to see this as the basis for a Google App Engine Java Runtime. :-)
  • Although not a new announcement at JavaOne, I was able to learn more about the SpringSource Application Platform directly from the SpringSource folks and it looks promising.

My last presentation for the week was over just in time for the evening reception in the JavaOne Pavilion. The demo gods were not smiling on me with network connectivity issues again. I should have learned by now to *never* count on network connectivity for a successful demo at a conference. Sigh!

In the evening, I attended the JUG Community BOF where we had a lively discussion. The most interesting thing I learned there was the promise that new infrastructure is coming real soon (sometime this summer) for us to use when hosting JUG projects on I'm supposed to get a preview demo of the capabilities of this new infrastructure later this week. I am looking forward to that.