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JavaOne Day Zero AKA CommunityOne

Posted by van_riper on May 5, 2008 at 11:33 PM PDT

This year's CommunityOne was definitely an upgrade over last year. I thought it was pretty good last year too. The price/performance (free) was excellent and the turnout was good. My one gripe as a presenter was the lack of internet connectivity for my session.

Speaking of my session, it went well. Sun even surprised us by providing a second Sun SPOT so that there were two lucky JUGs that won in the raffle at the end of the session. We had 40 JUG Leaders easily in the room. Some pictures were taken that I'll post here eventually.

When I went to MIT, they had a saying that getting an education there was like drinking from a firehose. I find the experience at CommunityOne/JavaOne to be similar. There are so many options it is almost overwhelming.

Personally, I wanted to attend the Startup Camp and had to miss a critical part of the startup speedgeeking contest due to overlaps with my own session. I sent this tweet about the winner of the Best Startup contest earlier today.

There was also another unconference going on in addition to Startup Camp. Which is on top of the 10 or so parallel technical tracks running all day long including hands-on labs. The day ended with a nice reception (much better than the one last year).

I'm looking forward to a full day tomorrow. I have heard rumors that there will be some interesting demos at the keynote session in the morning. We shall see. You can find me tomorrow in the CommunityCorner giving my mini-talk on the Java User Groups International Map at 6pm.

Finally, I admit it. I'm the classic geek that collects t-shirts at conferences. I may set a new personal record this year. I wasn't even trying and I came back to my room with four new shirts today. At this rate, I'm going to need to buy an extra piece of luggage to cart them all home. :-)