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Community Wonderland

Posted by van_riper on June 11, 2008 at 9:53 PM PDT

After seeing the latest updates on Project Wonderland during JavaOne combined with the great memories of hanging out recently at the Community Corner in the Pavilion, I keep thinking about a year round virtual Community Corner implemented using Project Wonderland software on Sun hardware. A place where Java User Group (JUG) Leaders, Sun Java Champions and others from the Java developer community can gather virtually anytime.

The funny thing is that the Sun JUGs Program has hardware available that we could use just for this purpose. Kevin Nilson, my Silicon Valley Web JUG Co-Leader, and I have even offered to take the initiative on setting up the Project Wonderland software on this machine. However, the issue at this point is paying for the hosting and making sure that the machine is accessible to those of us that want to help that are not Sun employees. It would cost $$$ to host this on the site and budgets at Sun are tight right now. Even if hosting it on an internal Sun network could be done in such a way that we could still have access, it would require $$$ from somewhere for the IT support costs to install and maintain that system on Sun's internal networks. =(

Rather than waiting for a better time in the fiscal year for Sun, there must be some company out there that would like to provide the rack space and IT support for this initiative *now*. If so, please contact me to get the ball rolling. My contact information is on the home page for the Silicon Valley Web JUG.

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