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Spring Fling: CommunityOne West and JavaOne in June

Posted by van_riper on March 8, 2009 at 2:32 PM PDT

For Silicon Valley Java Developers, there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for missing JavaOne this year. Even if you can't swing the registration fee for JavaOne, a FREE CommunityOne West registration will still give you access to the JavaOne General Sessions and the JavaOne Pavilion during the main conference. On top of that, you also get full access to CommunityOne West Sessions on the day before JavaOne gets started. Your cost: ZERO. The networking opportunities and access to latest news about all things Java: PRICELESS!

Inportant: I have a small favor to ask of anyone that registers for CommunityOne after reading this post. Please use my registration ID, W1285453, as your referral code when you register. For each person that does this, a contribution of $10 will be made to through the Refer a Friend Program.

Join me for the third annual CommunityOne conference in San Francisco. Experience four jam-packed days of education, innovation, and exchange. Whether you're focused on creating robust Web apps, building a scalable infrastructure, or thinking about cloud computing, you'll find sessions on proven free and open-source software (FOSS) technologies and tools. This is stuff you can really get excited about.

CommunityOne West: Free Pass Benefits

You get complimentary access (pre-registration and onsite registration) to the one-day conference program, including technical sessions on June 1st, and the Pavilion (June 1-4), plus access to JavaOne General Sessions (June 2-4). The Pavilion and General Sessions access during the main JavaOne conference are NEW CommunityOne West benefits in 2009. So, what are you waiting for? Register Now for CommunityOne West.

With all the access that the free CommunityOne West registration gives you, why should anyone pay the hefty JavaOne conference registration fee? Well, you will only get access to the technical sessions and BOFs as a JavaOne attendee. It is not just the technical content of these sessions that is important. Possibly even more important is the access you will have to the presenters at the various technical sessions and BOFs.

JUG-USA Affiliate Members: Save $100

The economy is tough, and learning dollars are tight. If you have only one event you can attend this year, you definitely should make it JavaOne. To soften the financial blow, members of JUG-USA Affiliated JUGs can register using discount code JUGJ50 to save $100 off the normal registration price. Returning JavaOne alumni can choose between the $100 discount or the black JavaOne conference soft-shell jacket. If enough people register with the JUGJ50 discount code, we may even get an exclusive meeting with James Gosling during JavaOne. Register Now for JavaOne 2009. Community Corner

JavaOne can be a mixed bag. Like most things in life, the more you put into it results in the more you get out of it. If you do attend, please check out the community corner. There are JUG Leaders and Java Champions from all over the world hanging out in that area throughout the conference. There are also many short technical talks given in the community corner that you might find interesting. Personally, it is my favorite place to hang out between sessions. Check it out!