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JUG-USA Happenings at JavaOne 2009

Posted by van_riper on June 1, 2009 at 10:53 PM PDT

National JUG-USA Summit

This is the first JavaOne for JUG-USA and we are holding our first ever national JUG-USA Summit on Tuesday night in conjunction with the Java Community Process (JCP) Party. JUG Leaders and/or JUG Liaisons are invited to gather at the Community Corner at 6:45pm on Tuesday evening. We will make our way as a group to the JCP party from there. Earlier this year, JUG-USA became a member of the JCP. This means that members of any JUG-USA affiliated JUG can participate in the JCP process through this affiliation. During this Summit, we will be discussing how best to move forward with election of national and regional JUG-USA officers this fall. If you are planning to join us, please take just a few minutes to RSVP on the JUG-USA site in advance. Thanks!

JUG-USA Meetup with James Gosling

As the JUG with the most JavaOne registrations this year, JUG-USA was awarded the opportunity to meet with James Gosling on Wednesday morning. Just for the record, JUG-USA won't be competing in this competition going forward. Obviously, we do have an unfair advantage over JUGs in other countries. Still, this is quite an accomplishment for an organization that was only a twinkle in my eye a few months ago. We already have 24 of the 55 identified JUGs on this JUG-USA Map on board as JUG-USA affiliates. If you belong to an affiliated JUG located in the United States, please RSVP for the James Gosling Meetup in order to find out the exact time and location of this special meeting. That's All Folks!

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