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What's happens with Marketing by Sun ?

Posted by vbrabant on November 22, 2003 at 9:37 AM PST

Look at J2EE servers:

  • Before, you had iPlanet AppSrv 6

  • then you had Sun One Application Server 7
  • now, you have Java System Application Server 7/8.

Look at Java IDE:

  • Before you had Forté For Java

  • Then you had Sun One Studio
  • Now, you have Sun Java Studio

Impossible in those conditions that people have good opinions of Sun and their products in general.

Each time you convince the commercial of your company to buy a Sun's product, it disappears of the catalog under the name.

So the conclusion of commercial is :

I don't want to buy product by Sun if they don't continue to give support to their product.

or could be

Sorry, but the product you wanted (xxx) disappears of their catalog. No more posible to buy it.

Or even

We dont want to take risk to migrate our development from Forté For Java to Sun ONE Studio.

I am really convinced that changing name of a product each time a new version is released is a very bad strategy for Sun, it it's a strategy !

Hoppefully that the future Java 1.5 is always named Java. And that the future NetBeans 3.6 is always named NetBeans 3.6

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