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Javapolis Day 3: Rick Ross

Posted by vbrabant on December 16, 2004 at 4:22 AM PST

Yesterday morning, Javapolis began with a Key note of Rick Ross, the founder of
He explained why it's very important to have a strong and active java community. He said that we, as Java developper have to play an actor's role, and not be passive.

Then, he does a little presentation of web sites that form the javalobby community.

He also speaked about what he will set in place in the future, and it seems very interresting.

Firstly, he wants to set in place a JUGCommunity or JUGCentral, where all JUG around the world could be hosted and have nices tools to manage events, calendar, ...

Secondly, he wants to create a JCampus, permitting to have an on-line campus concerning Java World.

I hope it will happens shortly. Because I am very curious about which content will be available on that site.

What do you think about Rick Ross's initiatives and his plans for new website.

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