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NetBeans IDE 4.2 adopt a new graphic chart

Posted by vbrabant on April 18, 2005 at 11:20 AM PDT

It seems that it exists a tradition at NetBeans to modify their graphic chart every years, 2 years.

UPDATE: It seems that they decided to use that new look and feel for NetBeans 4.1RC1.

NetBeans EDI 4.1 is not yet released that they are already preparing
the NetBeans EDI 4.2. And, therefore, it seems they are reviewing the colormap and changing their logo.

Please discover what you can see now when you download the last daily build of the NetBeans IDE 4.2.

Splash Screen of NetBeans IDE 4.2 src=""
width="405" height="306" />

Welcome Screen of NetBeans IDE 4.2

How do you like it?

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