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Test your Java code on-line !!!

Posted by vbrabant on April 23, 2005 at 5:50 AM PDT

Recently, by reading JavaRSS, I discovered a very nice site that permits us to type and run piece of Java code.

That site is Zamples

But what is very nice is that you have possibility to choose the JDK.
So, you can decide to run your code by using JDK 5.0, but also by usng JDK 6.0.

It's really simple to use.

Hereunder a screenshot of a little java class that display the version of the JRE, but also the parameters given as input.

Please note that signature of the main method is

public static void main(String... args) {}

If you compile it with an old JDK, it will never compile. That new notation has been introduced with Tiger (JDK 5.0)


Note also that they are using build 13 of the JRE 6.0.

I hope they will update the used JDK with the last build available on That would be really great.


Looks like Zamples is not available any more. Try ...

Looks like Zamples is not available any more. Try, here you can run java program online, even you can save and share code.