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What I would like to see in NetBeans 4.2 !!!

Posted by vbrabant on April 17, 2005 at 7:44 AM PDT

In his blog, Ludovic Champenois, one of the lead enginners on the J2EE functionality in NetBeans, asked what we (NetBeans's users) would like to see in NetBeans 4.2 or even NetBeans 5.0.

So, hereafter is my wish list:

  • Enhancements
    • Please look at all issues marked as Enhancement/Feature in Issuezilla of NetBeans. And say to the reporter if it's accepted or rejected.
    • Enhance the Form Editor to support new layout introduced in Tiger but also new JGoodies.
    • Enhance the Code Formatter
    • Enhance the Refactoring (we have not yet the basics (Extract Method, by example)
    • Add all features of Tasklist modules (with display of PMD result, and proposal of suggestions ...)
    • Have capability to create our own Ant based project, or to modify a existing one. (Why I have to always do the same modification _add a new target that generate PMD, Checkstyle, and Findbugs report_ in each Ant script I created in NetBeans ? It could be simpler if I have possibility to modify the Ant script that will be generated like I can modify existing templates for classes, ...
    • Add UML Support with Reverse Engineering (Be able to create UML class diagram based upon your sources, or be able to generate a sequence diagram based upon the method you selected)
    • Enhance support of Annotation (@Interface), to facilite generation of new java source or directly bytecode.
    • Enhance the Metric Module to have nice graphics and more metrics.
    • Fix the SCAN problem each time we start NetBeans.
  • Add Support for
    • Maven as Project Manager.
    • TestNG as Unit Testing.
    • Hibernate
    • Struts
    • Spring
    • JBoss / WebSphere deployement
    • AOP
  • Reverse Engineering of Unit Tests: Based upon a TestCase I created, the skeletton of the Class to test is generated.

  • Transform the SJSC (Sun Java Studio Creator, aka Rave) into a NetBeans Module. So I will not be obliged to use two tools based upon the same core (the netbeans platform) for my web development and always be obliged to switch to the other one.

  • The main enhancement that must be done is to give a better documentation and facilitate the creation of modules for NetBeans.

When I compare the number of modules created for Eclipse and the number of modules created for NetBeans, I conclude that creation of a module for Eclipse seems simpler than creation of a module for NetBeans. If you do no enhancements in that domain, you will never be able to eclipse eclipse.

Success for NetBeans 4.1.


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