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NetBeans 5.0 Flash Tutorials in French

Posted by vbrabant on October 16, 2005 at 11:45 AM PDT

When the béta of NetBeans 5.0 has been available, I decide to write somes nice Flash tutorials for NetBeans 5.0.

But they are, today, only available in french.

You can find them on, a high quality french website. is hosting a lot of forums (and specially a recently new netbeans forum) concerning development, tutorials, blogs, FAQ, Sources, ...

You can also find other flash tutorials written for NetBeans 4.1 but that are always up to date for NetBeans 5.0. By example, the ErrorStripe flash demo, or How to spare workspace

Hope you will enjoy those flash tutorials.

If you are interested by the tool I use to write such demos, just to say that I am using Wink therefore.
And I have to mention that Wink is free, even for a commercial usage.
Many thanks to Wink development team for such a good product.

Brabant Vincent
My French WebSite
My French Blog

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