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what I would like to see in a next version of NetBeans

Posted by vbrabant on June 14, 2006 at 11:15 AM PDT

Somes little enhancements I would like to see in next release of NetBeans are the following:

1. today, NetBeans editor permits to use Camel Notation. So, if I type NPE and press Ctrl-Space, I obtain NullPointerException.
I would like that NetBeans editor goes further and accept also Camel notation for methods. So, when I type Integer.tHS and press Ctrl-Space, it should become Integer.toHexString(|);

2. Please, add context when I want to add/modify code concerning the elements of the Visual Editor. Would facilitate our work.

3. Isolate a Visual Element. You know. You start by doing a simple Swing GUI that become more and more complex. Should be easy, to select from the properties windows a GUI element (like a sub JPanel, containing a lot of buttons, labels, ...) and then ask to NetBeans to isolate that Visual Element. Result is a new Class and his associated xml file. And should be added in the Local Palette (that contains all Beans of your current and associated projects).

The third feature would be a really nice one.

Hope to see that in NetBeans 6.x

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