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Posted by vivekp on May 16, 2006 at 8:01 PM PDT


JAXWS RI 2.0 FCS was released last week and we are working on JAXWS
2.0.1 EA. JAXWS 2.0.1 EA is re-architected for better performance and to a greater extent a pluggable architecture
that allows WSIT components such as WS-Policy, WS-Reliable Messaging etc. to
plug-in both at runtime and tool time. Checkout
WSIT project on Read more info
on WSIT is here.

As part of this rearchitecture work MTOM implementation in JAXWS 2.0.1 EA is
overhauled, re-architected and written form scratch. Feature wise its going to be the same
as JAXWS RI 2.0 FCS but will be faster and more interoperable. Here are some of
the key aspects of these changes:

  • Streaming MTOM - uses stax-ex
  • Enabling MTOM using MTOM policy assertion with WSIT components
  • Generation of MTOM policy assertion in the published WSDL with the WSIT
    components. This automatically enables MTOM interoperability with the WCF or
    Indigo clients.
  • Fully interoperability with Microsoft WCF a.k.a. Indigo. It has been
    verified at WCF plugfests

I have
BOF at Java One on 16th night
where I will be talking about the MTOM implementation gory details and I will be happy to meet
anyone interested in person and answer any question.

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