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JAXWS 2.1 Early Access 1 is out

Posted by vivekp on September 26, 2006 at 2:33 PM PDT

JAXWS 2.1 Early Access 1 is out

I have put out JAXWS 2.1 EA1 bits. As I mentioned in my previous
blog that
JAXWS 2.1 is a rename of JAXWS 2.0.1 and we are calling this release EA1 as its implementing
JAXWS 2.1 Maintenance Review specification, which is not final yet and moreover in this release
all the JAXWS 2.1 MR APIs are not implemented.

The key new feature in this release is the support for WS-Addressing
implementation. some key points here are:

  • Includes implementation of W3C and Member Submission versions of
  • Programming model includes development of WS-Addressing aware endpoints
    both starting from Java and from WSDL and also WS-Addressing aware client by
    importing the W3C WS-Addressing WSDL. For details see
    Rama's blog.

Other new thing to note is that this release is integrated with

. So you have all the JAXB 2.1 features to try out.

This means you would need JAXB 2.1 EA jars together with JAXWS 2.1 EA1 to run
your applications and it may not work with earlier release of JAXWS. We are
planning to provide some mechanism in wsimport so that you can control the
version of the generated artifacts. Stay tuned...

We have run our TCK/SQE/Unit tests and the quality seems to be same as JAXWS
2.0.1 M1 release. So go ahead and
try it out.
The jars are pushed into

maven repository

We would like to hear from you so please send your feedback to

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