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Running JAXWS 2.1 wsimport on JDK 1.6

Posted by vivekp on January 18, 2007 at 10:11 AM PST

Running JAXWS 2.1 wsimport on JDK 1.6

In my previous post I wrote about developing a web service  endpoint on
JDK 1.6 and at the end of the blog I wrote how to run wsimport command line tool
from the  standalone JAXWS 2.1 RI on top of jdk 1.6.

You do not want to put all the jars from @JAXWS_HOME/lib into endorsed
directory. This may work for wsimport command line tool as mentioned in my

previous blog
, but will cause error when you try to run Wsimport ant task. 
the reason is that Wsimport ant task class will be loaded by the boot
classloader and when it tries to load ant's classes it fails as they are not
loaded by the boot classloader. So in this case it would fail with this error:

taskdef A class needed by class cannot
be found: org/apache/tools/ant/taskdefs/MatchingTask

See the
reported for details.

Basically you need to put only two jars in the endorsed directory,
and jaxb-api.jar, see
Directory Mechanism
for more details.

You would pretty much do the following to run wsimport, both ant task and
command line tool from JAXWS 2.1 RI on JDK 1.6:

  • cp $JAXWS_HOME/lib/jaxws-api.jar c:/jdk6/jre/lib/endorsed
  • cp $JAXWS_HOME/lib/jaxb-api.jar c:/jdk6/jre/lib/endorsed

$JAXWS_HOME points to the directory where you installed JAXWS 2.1 RI.

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and if you find an issue report them at


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see my blog entry. for screenshots on using wsimport task

see my blog entry. for screenshots on using wsimport task